In today’s modern time, gone are the days of playing videogames through connecting consoles using a cable, sitting beside a partner you want to compete with. Online games have taken us by storm, giving customers the freedom to use several different platforms such as laptops, PC’s and mobile devices to continue gaming. With the sales of online gaming markets reaching peaks, there’s no looking back on the online gaming phenomenon.

With all that being said, users are always on the lookout for ways to improve their online gaming performance. After all, you’re competing and there’s no room for compromise. Here comes the advent of a gaming VPN or virtual private network. Gaming VPN’s are stated to enhance your gaming performance. Let’s take a look at how a gaming VPN can benefit you today.

Faster Connection

You may be led to believe that since a gaming VPN is bound to encrypt your device’s data and re-route, your lag can be increased, causing a slow connection. However, gaming VPN’s are known to decrease the latency amongst the player and the server’s client or Ping. This leads to a faster connectivity.

Staying clear of Hackers and snoops

When you start playing online, you’ll soon realize that when your connection is left open for a while, your security maybe compromised. This security risk can be counteracted with your gaming VPN, which allows you to disguise your IP and encrypt, keeping you well protected.

Gaining access to marketplaces abroad

This is a wonderful benefit for users when traveling out of country. Various marketplaces have strict rules, not accepting payments if the user’s IP address doesn’t coincide with the country mentioned in your profile identity. A VPN however can help you bypass such cases.

Early hands on games not released in your area

When you’re playing online, it’s understood that you would want to indulge in the latest edition of games being offered elsewhere. However, many countries have variable release dates that won’t coincide with where you’re residing. To get around this sort of problem, a VPN is all you need to get earlier access. With that being said, be sure to avoid breaking any terms of service mentioned.

Obtain security from denial of service (DDoS) attacks

Being competitive can get users to bring out the dirty side when competing. Using dirty tactics by the opposing team to bring your IP address down is a norm. Many VPN’s have been developed with an in-built protection system against these kinds of attacks.

Overcoming IP bans

Many users complain of being treated unfairly due to their IP addresses being banned from a favorite game. No worries here as your gaming VPN will surpass the ban by altering your IP address to get you back into the game.

Gain entry to geo-locked games

Many games may not be accessible to users in the country they are currently residing. Examples include games limited to Japan. Have no fear, as your VPN server, once connected to in that country, can gain you entry. You may however need to use a translator to understand what’s being written.

Access to cross border game servers

While gaming, you may want to compete with a partner present across the border in a different country. If the server of your game is split up, a VPN can bypass this issue, giving you the freedom to play together.

Multi- platform all the way

Gaming VPN’s such as ExpressVPN allow users to use an array of apps such as Android and iOS for those on the run.

Gaming evolved

Certain VPN’s are known to offer better results than others. One such example is ExpressVPN. This gives users lightning speeds and a whopping 99.9% of uptime. This is an ideal connection for those serious gamers out there.

With all the benefits being mentioned, it’s hard to deny the fact that a gaming VPN can help boost your gaming performance by miles. The cost of latency is nothing compared to the surge of advantages a gaming VPN has to offer.