VPN is a marvelous solution that establishes secured and long-distance network connections. This technology is mostly used by organizations and businesses instead of individuals, but VPNs can also be implemented inside the home. VPN is a fantastic solution that offers quite a lot of advantages, especially for WLAN.

If an organization wants to offer to its client secure network system, VPN provides two big advantages over other technologies: network scalability and cost savings. The clients who access the network also get great benefits like VPN is easy to use. Let’s discuss both aspects starting with advantages to the organization.

Cost Savings

VPN is a big saver of money for an organization in different ways:

  • It eliminates the requirement of leased or pricey long-distance lines.
  • It trims down telephone charges of long-distance.
  • It disburdens the organization of support cost.

 Leased lines vs. VPN

Before VPN, organizations used to rent a network capacity to attain full and secure connectivity among its office locations. VPN transformed this process and allowed companies to utilize public network base plus the internet by putting together connections and enter into the virtual network in cheaper rates through limited leased lines else ways broadband connections of local ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Telephone Charges of Long Distance

VPN is a capable technology that can easily swap remote access servers plus dial-up long distance network connections that were used historically by traveling employees of the organization who would access the company’s intranet. By using internet VPN now, the clients only need to connect to a local access point of a service provider.

Support Costs

The maintaining cost of VPN is much lower as compared to other approaches. This is because organizations are able to outsource the essential support through professionals of third-party facility providers. The service providers have the benefit of the very low-cost structure by giving service to a lot of business clients.

Network Scalability

Deploying a privet network would look reasonable from a cost perspective first time but when an organization grows so does the cost. An organization possessing two office branches can make use of one line to make connection between two locations. However, four branch offices would require six lines for their connection and six branch offices would want fifteen lines and on and on.

VPNs evade scalability problem issue by taking advantage of network capability and public lines promptly accessible. Especially for international and remote areas, Internet VPN proposes unrivaled reach and superior service quality.

Drawbacks of VPN

In spite of the prominence of VPNs, they are not immaculate, and restrictions exist which is valid for any innovation. Organizations ought to consider following issues when conveying and utilizing VPNs:

  1. A detailed comprehension related to network security matters and cautious configuration is required to ensure the adequate protection on an open system like Internet.
  2. Consistent quality and execution of a VPN are not under the control of organization rather it depends on ISP and quality of its service.
  3. VPN solutions and products from various vendors are not compatible because of issues with technology standards of VPN. Endeavoring to blend the equipment may bring about technical issues while utilizing hardware from one supplier does not provide cost savings.

Who benefits most from VPN services?

This could be one of the most important questions to be answered when deciding the way forward. Ideally, it is not just big or medium sized corporations and entities that stand to benefit from the VPN services. It is practically all kinds of firms from small to medium even up to those that may just be getting into the business. It would also be interesting to know that schools, colleges and universities also make use of the VPN services with pleasure. This practically completes the list of the most famous. But even other different firms dealing in a variety of businesses can also benefit.

An option for fast growing firms

Fast growing firms always have a number of clients coming from different sectors of society. These are people who would easily learn about the products if the firm has access to the VPN services on the market. It doesn’t matter whether this service is being offered by a vendor or another well-established company. What really matters is the quality that comes on board. Such organizations would not just enjoy the VPN services that drive clients straight into their offices. They would also enjoy the most reliable mode of communication within the company. And that would definitely go a long way in making their own work easy while taking their company to new heights.


VPN is a remarkable technology that provides ease of usability and strong protection. The organizations who want to excel in their business deploy VPN in their offices. When VPN is set up accurately, it gives out exceptional results.