Saving with Regional Pricing

Did you know that some companies offer different prices for their products in different countries? It’s called regional pricing and it’s pretty common with online shopping in general and especially with plane tickets and electronic software distribution (ESD). It is usually based on several factors, including currency exchange rates and local sales trends, and it pretty much comes down to leveling prices in accord with purchasing power of a population.

However questionable regional pricing might be, you have tricks at your disposal that can help you make it work in your favor, so why not use them?

Lifehack to bypass regional pricing policy

Taking Steam as an example, we can expect the difference between the highest and lowest regional price of a new title reaching as much as 40 dollars. Similar ratio goes for airline tickets market, but on a bigger scale. While regional pricing may seem puzzling and questionable, it allows for some neat lifehacks that can save you a ton of money.

Change your location and shop cheaper

We mean digitally, for a virtual private network comes to your rescue. There are sites that track differences in regional prices, or you can perform such research yourself. Find a country that has the best offer and use NFlix VPN to connect through a VPN server located in that country. This same principle works for many areas of online shopping.

Considering the great many server locations we offer, you’ll be able to snag games and tickets at their best prices.

NFlix VPN encrypts and tunnels your traffic through one its secure server in one of many server locations around the world. Consequently, it looks for the destination service as if coming from a different country.