Public Wi-Fi Hotspots: Staying Secure

The number of open and public WiFi hotspots continues to increase these days. The vast majority of restaurants, airports, university campuses, libraries, malls, and even parks offer access to WiFi network for free. However, most people do not realize that these public connections actually pose a huge security risk. It means that WiFi security will become an even more pressing issue and the number of risks that users face will just keep growing.

Why public WiFi hotspots are insecure

The first problem is that hackers can easily create fraudulent WiFi networks, and set them up in public places. These rogue access points are also known as “evil twins”. You might have noticed some WiFi hotspots having extremely similar names such as “XYZ” or “XYZguest”. Odds are one of such hotspots is a booby trap.

Even legitimate networks, like the one in your favorite coffee shop, can be rigged with traffic interception software, allowing adversaries to access your sensitive information with minimal effort. Smartphones are particularly vulnerable in this regard, since most of them automatically connect to open WiFi networks.

While you are connected to such hotspots, your web traffic, information you send or receive, can be monitored by malicious third parties, who are after one thing: your data. Therefore, to secure your online connection is a high-priority question.

How to protect yourself on public WiFi hotspots

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network.” It is a technology that keeps your device and personal data safe from malicious attacks while using public WiFi networks. NFlix VPN app uses advanced encryption methods to create a secure “tunnel” between your connected device and one of its secure servers. All your network traffic passes through this tunnel, and is protected from anyone who tries to intercept it.

With reports of identity theft on the rise, you should really consider taking necessary precautions to not fall an easy prey. NFlix VPN employs strong encryption algorithms that render all your traffic completely useless for a hacker even if intercepted. Online banking, internal data, and communications are safe and anonymous with our service.

NFlix VPN provides the blue-chip Kill Switch feature designed to protect your connection from accidental exposure. Just turn Kill Switch on and rest assured not a single packet of traffic goes outside the VPN tunnel.

NFlix VPN service is the best VPN solution that offers easy-to-use apps for all major platforms, both mobile and desktop: iOS and Android, Windows, Linux and macOS. Hence, your personal information is protected anywhere and anytime.