What is IP address?

An IP address, or an Internet Protocol address, is a unique number given to each device on the internet. Think of it as a return address: similarly, it is used so that computers can know where to send requested information. It ties all traffic to a specific device, location, and, essentially, a user. And it also is a basis of IP targeting.

We all live under constant digital surveillance. Just like in the Orwell’s book, Big Brother is watching us. Every action on the internet is being logged by the numerous servers that are processing our various requests. Smartphones have made it possible for us to access information quickly while on the go, but it also became easier for outside entities to track our precise location and analyze our habits, day-to-day routines and other activities.

Who provides the officials our personal data?

Leading corporations of the digital age, like Apple and Google, thrive on providing you with the whole digital lifestyle package. They store and transfer your data, deliver and receive mail and messages for you, connect your calls, and look up the information you need. They already know everything there is to know about you.

Then there are social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which also collect and store your statuses, photos, posts, and locations. Lastly, there are internet service providers (ISPs) knowing that and much more, for most of them log everything you do on the internet: the things you search, the sites you visit, the files you up- and download.

If the government needs any of this data, it just forces Apple, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or ISPs to abide by national laws and submit all collected information to their officials. Some governments go as far as making ISPs install packet filtering equipment (for so-called deep packet inspection) right in their data centers, further reinforcing digital surveillance on their people. Feel like Big Brother is watching you yet?

How to prevent the digital surveillance?

The solution to this issue is NFlix VPN app. It utilizes a virtual private network protocol to create an encrypted connection between your device and one of its secure servers, effectively concealing your actions on the internet. You can even hide that you are using a VPN thanks to our blue-chip NFlix technology!

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