What is IP address?

An IP address, or an Internet Protocol address, is a unique number given to each device on the internet. Think of it as a return address: similarly, it is used so that computers can know where to send requested information. It ties all traffic to a specific device, location, and, essentially, a user. And it also is a basis of IP targeting.

Customer habit tracking is one of the latest and most successful trends in electronic commerce. When it began, it was merely a way to make better suggestions for your online shopping. However, it all comes at the expense of your privacy. So, what began as a relatively simple technology with good intentions quickly evolved to become one of the pinnacles of digital surveillance and privacy invasion.

How internet habit tracking is done

Not only are your online activities subject to logging and tracking, but your day-to-day routines, favorite places, and even your precise location at any given time are also being surveilled. All this information is being analyzed in real time by extremely complicated software and used to better understand what kind of a person you are and what products and services might interest you.

Although it’s all allegedly done “for your own sake,” you do have the right to privacy and protection from habit tracking. The problem? It’s really difficult to enforce this right without suing giants like Amazon or doing your shopping offline, which is not only quite inconvenient, but can also be more expensive.

Anonymizer and/or VPN

The old-school way to solve this problem is to use an anonymizer. But with a free web-based anonymizer, you can never be completely sure it’s offering full protection or if the service itself is collecting data about you. Sadly, the old adage about “getting what you pay for” rings very true in this case.

We believe the future of anonymizer services is a virtual private network (VPN) protocol. NFlix VPN app is an easy-to-use VPN solution that works on any platform, across multiple devices. With the click of a button, it creates a secure encrypted connection to one of its secure servers, rendering data tracking and collection useless. The server becomes your entry point to the internet, and from that moment on, it’s our server’s habits and activities which are being tracked and logged, not yours.