What is IP address?

An IP address, or an Internet Protocol address, is a unique number given to each device on the internet. Think of it as a return address: similarly, it is used so that computers can know where to send requested information. It ties all traffic to a specific device, location, and, essentially, a user. And it also is a basis of IP targeting.

Many websites and services nowadays track and store data related to your activities and location. All the analytics they gather are used to better target ad campaigns.

How it works

Search engines, social networks, and other sites that place ads on their pages make money per users clicking on ads. Advertising providers specify what kind of demographic they want to reach. Then, ad campaign managers use the data supplied by search engines, social networks, and other web services to target the ads so that they’d click with and be clicked by people of specific demographic.

Ad companies use special algorithms that analyze your visits across different websites, gather your search history, use your cookies, and track your location using an IP address (specifically called geo targeting).

Targeting works both ways. It may be somewhat beneficial, for it, indeed, can show you something that falls in a scope of your interest. But then, like everything, it comes at a price. And the price is your online privacy, or lack thereof. The abundance of personal data that constitutes a user’s profile used for targeting will be, if requested, given out to government officials in short order, for most countries have laws that force data aggregators to do so.

If you don’t fancy such privacy invasion, you should opt to lessen the amount of data available to marketers. Two of the most crucial and easily protected-against aspects of targeted advertising are IP targeting and cookie analysis. Be sure to always clear your cookies (or restrict them altogether) and use a VPN to change your IP address and further disturb marketers’ aim.

Avoid annoying ads

We offer a simple solution which renders geo targeting completely useless. NFlix VPN App allows you to use a virtual private network protocol. It creates a secure connection to one of our servers, effectively making it your entry point to the public web.

A few simple actions relay all your traffic through one of our servers, making it completely untraceable and untieable to you. To further advance your protection, NFlix VPN employs the NFlix technology. It disguises your VPN traffic and makes it look like regular HTTPS, so that nobody could ever know you’re using a VPN.