Security Features of NFlix VPN

AES-256 Encryption Protocol

AES-56 technology encrypts all the data travelling through NFlix VPN . This includes sensitive information, search requests, info about online activities, personal files, and much more. Once enciphered, all this data becomes completely unreadable to any unauthorized parties, e.g. spyware, cybercriminals, or ISP surveillance systems.

Selection of VPN Protocols: IKEv2 and OpenVPN

VPN protocol is a set of algorithms that allow VPNs to establish a secure tunnel between a user’s device and a website. OpenVPN is one of the most popular protocols, offering ultimate security, while IKEv2 is the most contemporary, fast, and flexible. Choose which protocol you need at any given moment and switch them on the fly right in the app!

Rock-Solid DNS Firewall

This is a network security solution that intercepts DNS resolution for known-malicious websites and protects your devices from malware infection. With the DNS Firewall feature, our app filters all malicious traffic that goes through your device and blocks DNS-activity to safeguard your private data and raise your online security to even more advanced level.

Privacy and Anonymity Features of NFlix VPN

Run on Startup and Kill Switch

These two features protect users’ privacy in a seamless manner. The Run on Startup feature is pretty self-explanatory – it launches NFlix VPN as soon as the device goes on. The Kill switch feature disables the device’s internet connection if a disruption in VPN connection occurs. These two measures prevent privacy leaks that users would otherwise probably not even notice.

Trusted Networks

Contrary to the latest item, the Trusted Networks feature disables VPN connection itself. So you can enjoy the unaffected internet experience at home or in other reliable networks, and rest assured that you are reliably protected everywhere else.

App Exceptions

Some apps don’t mix well with VPNs. Either they don’t allow users with VPN connections for some reasons, or a VPN slows down the internet too much for the apps to operate properly. Whatever the case, just add the app in question to app exceptions in NFlix VPN, and our service’s connection will never affect the app again.

DNS Leak Test (Website Version)

On our website, anyone can undergo a DNS leak test. It allows to check if the user’s VPN connection suffers from a DNS IP leak. This problem is especially common on Windows, but can occasionally afflict any device. If a user’s IP is leaking, this can totally deanonymize them and put their online activities into the public domain.

VPN Servers Across the Globe

NFlix VPN provides 400+ servers in over 80 locations worldwide. VPN servers are the bread and butter of any VPN service. By connecting to one of them, users mask their real IP addresses with that of the chosen server. This grants users anonymity online, rendering their activities on the internet completely private.

Features for Unblocking Content and Bypassing Restrictions

VPN Servers for Streaming

Certain streaming services, like HBO Now or Hulu, are only available in a few regions. Others offer content that widely varies from state to state in terms of quality and selection. If you’d like to avoid such inconveniences and simply watch best TV shows and movies, connect to the respective VPN server in the Streaming tab.

VPN Servers for Torrents

Some VPNs don’t allow torrenting through their servers. That’s a bummer, considering how convenient, fast, and reliable torrent technology is. Well, NFlix VPN won’t bother you with such restrictions! We offer plenty of VPN servers for torrenting.

NFlix Wise VS VPN Blockade

VPNs are renowned for fighting online censorship and bypassing content blocking. But what if the VPN technology itself becomes the target? If you find yourself in a network that restricts VPN usage (e.g. in school, at work, or even due to a nationwide blockade), NFlix Wise is the anti-anti-VPN solution for you!

Features of NFlix VPN for Extra Convenience

NFlix VPN Browser Extensions

VPN extension for browsers is perfect when you wish to secure only the browser traffic, leaving out any other sources of traffic on the device. NFlix VPN is compatible with the four most popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Edge. Downloadable from the respective stores or on our website.

Optimal Server and Ping Test

Don’t know what VPN server to use? Not sure which one will provide the best speed? We’ve got you covered! Based on a number of parameters, our algorithms will offer you the server that will grant the best performance (select the Optimal server option). And if you want to make an informed decision yourself, run ping test and pick the server that suits you.

Favorite Servers and Dark Mode

What makes NFlix VPN a premium service is not only its unmatched security, privacy, anonymity, and content unblocking. It’s also the convenience and customization options. You can create the list of your favorite/most used VPN servers (e.g., for different networks), and switch to the Dark mode for an enhanced online experience.