How to Choose Best Server for VPN

Our team does our best to provide you with lightning fast connection speed and unmatched performance. In order to do so, we’ve implemented a huge VPN servers list that includes VPN Europe servers, the US servers, and any other servers you need.

Our VPN server locations map offers:

  • 400+ super-fast servers

  • 80+ locations

  • Stable connection

  • Server locations for individual needs

  • 24/7 customer support

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Our VPN Server Locations Map

Nflix VPN has 400+ high-speed servers across 80+ locations all over the world. The latest server list is available right in the application.

All our servers ensure complete security, superior speed, and access to your favorite content worldwide. We use the OpenVPN protocol on Android and Windows platforms, and IKEv2 on macOS and iOS. OpenVPN supports AES 256-bit encryption. IKEv2 connections use AES up to 256-bit, Camellia 256-bit, and ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption methods.

Nflix VPN offers an additional layer of encryption and data obfuscation for restricted environments with Nflix Wise. This is a protocol extension that uses AES-256 and provides an extended online freedom, allowing to get free access to all legal web content.

North America

South America


Asia, Africa and Pacific

Best VPN Servers To Meet All Your VPN Needs

Analyze the workload of each VPN server location and choose the one that is least crowded to get the fastest connection speed

Optimal Server
Connect to the Optimal server and let our application to choose the most perfect server location for your current conditions

Ping Test
Run a ping test in order to get a piece of detailed information about the distance between our VPN servers and your location

Streaming servers
Our VPN server app offers you 5 highly secure servers to unblock the most popular video streaming websites

Servers for Torrenting
Our users also get the list of VPN servers marked with torrents that allows them to download torrents safely

Favorite locations
Create your own list of favorite VPN server locations and access it in a few taps via NFlix VPN app

How to Find Server Location According to Your Individual VPN Needs?

To get the high speed
If you want to encrypt your online traffic and get the best possible connection speed, you can easily select the Optimal server

To accessing geo-restricted content
In case, when not every server location can provide you with access to particular online content, you should run a ping test and select the most perfect server on your own

To download torrents safely
If you want to download torrents with NFlix VPN, you need to connect to server location marked with torrents

To unblock video streaming content
Run NFlix VPN, go to the Streaming servers tab, and select the server that will help you access the needed video streaming site

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