It is one of the most difficult tasks to maintain your privacy online. The VPN has been providing the services to keep your identity hidden online when you are browsing the internet. However, you have to keep in mind that a VPN might not always provide the services that you require. This is the reason that you must select the VPN service provider wisely. So here are a few scenarios in which the VPN services can do nothing for you.

1-Attack by WAN DDoS

Using the VPN will provide no beneficial results when your modem is suffering from the denial of services attack. Here the hacker will make sure that your internet connection is not available. As then, it would be impossible to connect with the VPN server to protect your identity.

The chances of a DDoS attack from the hackers is very rare however, you should never ignore the early symptoms of the attack. In case that the WAN IP address and the router address is already exposed your VPN will not hide it. It means that they are prone to the hacker’s attack. On the other hand, if the hacker is trying to attack the VPN IP then it is easy to switch and protect your device from the attack.

2-Malware attack

The virus will not affect the internet connection but they will have a negative impact on the VPN connectivity of your system. In case that the hacker gets the accessibility of your device and the connection, they can easily utilize your device despite the VPN. The activities of the user might be hidden but still, they will have the continuous threat of losing all their information anytime.

3-Tracking Online Ad

Even in the presence of the VPN, the online advertisements can easily track the activity of the users.

  • The users that trust the VPN services should keep in mind that their activities are not hidden from the scrutiny of the advertisements
  • The companies have been specially designed to track the activities of the users
  • Hiding your location will not be enough because these ads will collect more information about you than you can imagine
  • In case that you are utilizing the similar VPN services to access all your accounts, they can easily make the pieces get together
  • There is nothing to be surprised when despite using the VPN you start to receive adverts in your email.

4-Government Blockades

There are government policies according to which VPN usage has been blocked in the country. One of the biggest examples is China that has declared VPN as an illegal service. Most of the residents utilized the services of VPN to access social media sites. However, they are now deprived of this service.

So we can say that only using the VPN might not provide you the protection that you require. So it is better that you start working with a secondary operating system for better protection of your device and identity.