A VPN or virtual private network is essential in today’s time, where challenges to bring about a secure web connection are at peak. We all know that a VPN is essential for private internet connectivity. But where exactly should a VPN be used is a question that arises commonly. Let’s take a look at the absolute best places to use a VPN.

VPN within the Boundaries of your Home

Home is where the heart is. Yes that’s true but it’s also where you’re bound to find highly secure internet connectivity through a VPN. Your home is where you’re bound to spend a lot of your time on the web and safe keep any important documents or sensitive information. Here you will be secured from anyone watching your internet activity, hence avoidance of any intrusion of online privacy.

VPN for Wi-Fi hotspots should be made mandatory

All that glitters is not gold. Yes that’s the case with free Wi-Fi hotspots. You may think you’re getting free of cost internet service but that’s not the case in reality. In return for the free internet access you receive, your data is gathered and sold to the highest bidder.

Other than that, public places offering free Wi-Fi are more on the verge of blocking your internet connectivity via a proxy. Users are forced to reveal details about themselves before the proxy can be eliminated. This includes personal information such as the user’s ID, address and birth date. This information can be mishandled in more ways than one, depriving you of your freedom of privacy. However, most users are unaware what they’re getting into when they simply click the button ‘Agree.’

A good VPN will prevent such an incident from occurring by hiding your actual IP address and current location. This entitles you to a greater chance of more secure internet connectivity.

Coffee and VPN –A match made in heaven

Whether it’s a small get together with friends or just a quick corporate meeting for work, coffee shops are the ideal place for a good cup of coffee or simple web surfing and easy internet access. Small study grouping sessions or finalization of a presentation, you’re bound to use the convenient internet services available at your nearest local coffee shop. This is just the ideal place for the usage of a VPN because here you may fall prey to the many predators out there waiting to gain access to your personal data. For this reason, protecting your hardware with a VPN is necessary.

Your hotel stay and the comfort of a VPN

It may be surprising for you to learn that staying in a hotel may bring along security threats for your internet connection. While you may be enjoying a quick internet access session from your hotel’s lounge, hackers can gain access to your unsecure web networking. This includes engulfing your personal data in the blink of an eye.

The number of places a VPN can be used is limitless. It’s all about being smart and making the right decision to protect yourself from the day to day challenges regarding internet privacy and freedom of the digital world.